April Action

April has been so busy, but in a good way. I’m starting to fall back into a routine after an intense few weeks of filming in March. It was a month full of new opportunities, spending time catching up with friends, and making new connections. There were no trips this month, but May kicks off the “trip a month” season for my boyfriend and I. Stay tuned for more!

Babysat J’s nephews

2017-04-04 08.01.35-1

Still job hunting and had many phone interviews – none of which have panned out…

I began struggling more with my eating disorder (the awful “binge and purge cycle”)

Attended our friend’s brewery’s 2nd anniversary party

2017-04-08 12.37.34

2017-04-09 02.52.35

Began weight training with J’s brother

2017-04-05 00.49.10

Filming ended (hallelujah)

2017-04-09 21.40.30

Began coaching youth tennis

April (hail) showers

2017-04-04 19.39.01

Started a running regimen

2017-04-21 07.45.46

Some of J’s friends were in town for the weekend and we went to “The Revivalists” concert, brunch, and the park

2017-04-29 07.06.44

2017-04-16 04.47.46-1

2017-04-16 04.47.46-2

2017-04-15 15.03.37


Saw a local production of “Singin’ in the Rain” (my favorite musical)

2017-04-23 02.00.16-1

Fell and hurt my knee…

2017-04-26 00.07.45-2


Parks & Recreation, Seasons 2 – 6

Deep Water Horizon

The Theory of Everything​

Singin’ in the Rain


A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

The Wonder ​by Emma Donoghue

The Children by Ann Leary


June Bugs

Wow, I’m actually posting my monthly review on time (before the 15th of the month…)! I’ve been getting better at managing my time. Making lists with realistic goals that won’t overwhelm me – breaking things up – has helped. I’m focusing on talking my ownership of my life. The past few months I’ve often felt sorry for myself and feel like I “waste time” moping. I don’t always feel 100% like being productive, but I know that once I cross tasks off my list I’ll feel 100% better. So here are some of the things I was up to in June:
Church officer (day) retreat
Attended a networking lunch & learn with my colleague
Visited family friends who came into town
2016-06-19 00.01.23
Shakespeare in the Park
 2016-06-19 16.30.14
Father’s Day
2016-06-19 20.57.32
First Day of Summer
2016-06-29 15.47.08
I was asked to be a bridesmaid’s for my brother’s wedding
2016-06-20 21.20.19-2
My brother and fiance visited from Georgia
– Ranger’s game, lunch with friends, & their wedding shower
2016-06-21 20.12.38
2016-06-23 19.13.39
2016-06-23 19.15.25
The Happy Couple

2016-06-23 19.15.37

2016-06-23 21.05.43
Dallas Farmers Market trip with my dad
2016-06-26 18.36.04
Pretty Little Liars, season 6 & 7
Veronica Mars, season 1
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
What have you been up to this summer?

My May

Mom had to go to the ER. She’s feeling better, but had been experiencing an intense amount of abdominal pain
A few day’s later, my brother had to go to the ER after him and his fiance were t-boned by a semi. Luckily both passengers are safe. The car, not so much
Cinco de Mayo aka tacos and tequila
Helped my friend judge color guard auditions
Relaxed pool-side with one of my friends
Mother’s Day: went to an outdoors arts festival and got rained on a bit
My mom’s college friend’s daughter spent the night: homemade lasagna, walk around the park, ice cream, then church and lunch at Panera the next day
Birthday party for one of my church friends
Rockwall “Wine Walk”

2016-05-21 14.19.27
Dallas Arboretum

2016-05-22 15.50.27
Chilling with Claude (Monet)

Went through my closet and donated a lot of clothing/items it was time to part with
Planted flowers
Went to a young adult networking event. I had been wanting to go, but putting it off for months. I ended up meeting a lot of cool people
Saw the musical, Cabaret, with one of my friends who got free tickets from her work
Helped with an open house at my current job
Went to my friend, Alex’s birthday party
Lost my credit card…
LOTS of catching up with old friends

2016-06-01 12.11.13
Me and My High School Sweetheart (2008)

Memorial Day- picnic with young adult group from church

2016-05-30 13.10.46
Prayer Wreath

Grey’s Anatomy, season 12
Scandal, season 5
House of Cards, season 4
The Family, season 1
Pretty Little Liars, season 6 (A)
Fuller House, season 1

2016-05-22 09.15.26-2

The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

How was your May (now that it’s almost July…)?

Marching on

Highlights from my March:
Job interviews, auditions, and more interviews
Attended a family friend’s wedding
2016-03-05 20.07.27
2016-03-05 20.11.01
Enjoyed a weekend with friends and spent as much time outside after a rainy week! I even did a bit of running which I haven’t done in months
2016-03-11 18.14.27
2016-03-13 15.20.16
I started spending more time with my ex, trying to figure where we want to take things
Took some much needed time off work
St. Patrick’s Day (stayed in, nothing special)
Bridesmaid’s dress shopping for one of my best friend’s wedding
Springtime in Texas
2016-03-22 09.24.13-2
Sacrament of Reconciliation
2016-03-27 12.26.54
2016-03-27 14.56.16-1
  • Downton Abbey, final episode (season 6)
  • Scandal, Season, season 5
  • Grey’s Anatomy, season 12
  • House of Cards, season 4
  • The Family
  • Pretty Little Liars, season 5
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Men, Women, and Children
  • Bridesmaids
  • Batman vs. Superman
  • Speak by Louisa Hall
  • The Awakening by Kate Chopin
  • Rising Strong by Brene Brown
  • My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
How was your March?

Days of December

Highlights from My December:


Car accident and visits to the chiropractor (first time going to one)

Work Holiday party

2015-12-07 19.07.21

My brother visiting from out-of-town

Dallas Stars Game

2015-12-08 21.18.40-2

Busy with holiday parties at work

Worked on making my spiritual-life a higher priority – daily prayers (rosary, novenas)

Officially removed all of m furniture and belongings that I wanted to keep from the house I shared with my ex-fiance. I removed my name from the lease, turned in the key, done.

5 year anniversary of graduating from college.

2015-12-17 11.06.35

Going to see Star Wars, The Force Awakens with my young adult group

2015-12-20 12.34.12

Christmas gift shopping and wrapping

2015-12-19 14.01.05-2

My brother’s birthday

Holiday Baking

2015-12-24 09.55.08-2

2015-12-24 20.56.36-1


2015-12-24 23.03.13
Christmas Eve Mass
2015-12-25 09.00.01
Christmas Morning
2015-12-25 13.43.00
Yummy Dinner
2015-12-25 14.47.33-2
Christmas Afternoon
2015-12-26 09.26.34
Yoga Under the Tree
2015-12-25 09.04.29
Santa Paws
2015-12-25 13.35.16
Boomer Festive in His Scarf

Much needed time off work

Flew to Maryland to visit my cousin, Hannah

2015-12-31 16.24.10

New Year’s Eve



The Santa Clause

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Star Wars, Episode IV

Star Wars, Episode V

Star Wars, Episode VII

Holiday Inn

Jingle All the Way (halfway)


Christmas Vacation*

Star Wars, Episode VII (twice in theaters)



Frog Music by Emma Donoghue

The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon

What were some highlights from your December?

Notes on November

Daylight Savings began…


2015-11-01 13.13.19

An well-known association in the industry I work in hosted their November reception, dinner, and meeting at the venue where I work

2015-11-04 22.34.32

Visited our family friend, Maria

Veteran’s Day

Girl’s Night

2015-11-13 21.07.46

Movie Night with Mom

Returned to the Young Adult Group, Encounter, That I Had Been Attending Last Fall – Dubbed the “Prodigal” Child of Encounter  – Felt welcomed by familiar faces and meet some real cool new people

Back to counseling…

New pet – Monet the Betta

2015-11-09 21.24.56-2


2015-11-14 20.15.04

2015-11-14 20.18.28

Continued moving things out of my old house and into my parents’


The Turkey Trot

2015-11-26 10.50.41

Caught up with old friends over coffee (tea for me)

Assisted with day-of wedding coordination

2015-11-29 09.22.18

Dad’s Birthday – My mom and I took him to lunch then to the Kimbell Art Museum

2015-11-29 11.58.34

2015-11-29 12.31.48

2015-11-29 13.47.48

2015-11-29 19.11.41

2015-11-29 19.06.44

2015-11-29 19.11.45



Scandal,  Season 5

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12

While you Were Sleeping (re-watched – a fave of mine)

Raising Helen (re-watched)

Elf (re-watched)

Inside Out

Pitch Perfect 2

Uncle Buck

A Christmas Card (re-watched)

A Charlie Brown Christmas



Plain Song by Kent Haruf

Frog Music by Emma Donoghue

October Occasions

Highlights from this past month:

State Fair of Texas

2015-10-04 12.19.30

2015-10-04 12.53.23

2015-10-04 12.46.09

2015-10-04 15.41.55

2015-10-04 12.56.16

2015-10-04 13.20.21-1

2015-10-04 13.52.31

2015-10-04 14.18.44

Took a Ballet Class

2015-10-16 19.21.17

Late Night at the DMA – Aurora Lights

2015-10-16 20.47.15-1

2015-10-16 21.54.35

2015-10-16 21.51.03

WORK, Work, work!

Rainy Days

2015-10-23 11.28.16

2015-10-22 22.54.14

2015-10-27 18.24.43

French-Canadian/Vietnamese Wedding with Carmen

2015-10-24 14.02.25

2015-10-24 13.59.09

2015-10-24 16.10.01

2015-10-24 16.20.49


2015-11-01 20.53.55

2015-11-01 15.10.28

2015-11-01 11.55.38

2015-11-02 18.18.44


2015-10-29 20.09.10

  • Scandal (re-watched) Season 3 – 4
  • Scandal  Season 5!
  • Grey’s Anatomy Season 12
  • Hotel Transylvania (re-watched)
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Hocus Pocus


2015-10-24 08.57.13

  • The Only and Only by Emily Giffin
  • Good Bye Ed, Hello Me (re-read)
  • You’re Going to Be Okay by Holley
  • Lucky Us by Amy Bloom