May Memories

I decided to take a break from my daily personal growth exercise to catch you up on what else has been going on in my life. If you’ve been following along with my blog then you know that I am overdue for a monthly review! Last month was full of many blessings and opportunities for personal growth. I have continued to move forward with hope despite the frustration of being unemployed. I do so by making the most of my time off, doing things that would be harder to do if I had a full-time job. As you will see, I’ve been doing so with family, friends, traveling, and spending more time reading.

Me and my boyfriend J’s 3 month anniversary – he isn’t an OU fan, but was a good sport when I gave him the bag

2017-05-03 11.55.13

Cinco de Mayo

Church women’s retreat – Christ Renews his Parish (CRHP)

2017-05-07 15.56.16

Mom’s surgery

2017-05-12 09.24.02

Mother’s Day. I took my mom for an early mani and pedi since she was out of town recovering from her procedure

2017-05-11 03.53.312017-05-16 08.15.26-1

Dallas Arboretum

2017-05-13 16.17.03

Hair cut

2017-05-16 10.59.55

10 year anniversary of when I graduated high school…

Top Golf to celebrate J’s brother’s birthday

Family birthday celebrations – J’s brother and nephew

2017-05-21 17.21.45

I started taking Zumba classes at my local gym

2017-05-27 00.51.35

Chicago/Lake Geneva, WI trip with my boyfriend to visit some of his old roommates for Memorial Day weekend

2017-05-27 10.39.01

2017-05-27 12.08.00

2017-05-27 13.06.04

2017-05-27 16.11.24

2017-05-28 11.40.36

2017-05-28 12.54.34

More dead-end job interviews…

Brother and sister-in-law visited from GA. I hadn’t seen them since the beginning of January and, as my brother and I are close, I was excited that they could finally meet my boyfriend (P.S. my brother approves!) We all had fun at the Ranger’s game together.

2017-05-30 19.23.02

2017-05-30 22.15.07

2017-05-31 23.58.03


Parks & Recreation, Seasons 6​-7


Finding Dory

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 13


The Children by Ann Leary

The Assistants by Camille Perri

The Silver Star by Jeanette Walls​

Food Freedom Forever​ by Melissa Hartwig

The Night Circus By Erin Morgenstern


’16 going on ’17

So 2016. I thought that 2015 tested me both mentally and physically, but 2016 didn’t give me much of a break. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a terrible year. There were plenty of great things that happened and I continued to grow and challenge myself – even when I felt like I had done all the “growing” I could (or wanted to).

I’ve compiled my “monthly reviews” (click on the month to check out the post) from the past year and included some of my favorite things. Checking out my old posts was quite an exercise as sadly I forgot a good chunk of things that happened…

Enjoy and here’s to an even better year!

Favorite Book: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty & Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

Favorite TV Show(s): Pretty Little Liars, Veronica Mars, & New Girl 

Favorite Movie (s): Brooklyn & Room


2016-01-02 14.51.15-1


2016-02-09 20.36.46


2016-03-22 09.24.13-2


2016-04-23 13.14.38


2016-05-22 15.50.27


2016-06-26 18.36.04


2016-07-31 15.44.14













Onwards and upwards to 2017!

My May

Mom had to go to the ER. She’s feeling better, but had been experiencing an intense amount of abdominal pain
A few day’s later, my brother had to go to the ER after him and his fiance were t-boned by a semi. Luckily both passengers are safe. The car, not so much
Cinco de Mayo aka tacos and tequila
Helped my friend judge color guard auditions
Relaxed pool-side with one of my friends
Mother’s Day: went to an outdoors arts festival and got rained on a bit
My mom’s college friend’s daughter spent the night: homemade lasagna, walk around the park, ice cream, then church and lunch at Panera the next day
Birthday party for one of my church friends
Rockwall “Wine Walk”

2016-05-21 14.19.27
Dallas Arboretum

2016-05-22 15.50.27
Chilling with Claude (Monet)

Went through my closet and donated a lot of clothing/items it was time to part with
Planted flowers
Went to a young adult networking event. I had been wanting to go, but putting it off for months. I ended up meeting a lot of cool people
Saw the musical, Cabaret, with one of my friends who got free tickets from her work
Helped with an open house at my current job
Went to my friend, Alex’s birthday party
Lost my credit card…
LOTS of catching up with old friends

2016-06-01 12.11.13
Me and My High School Sweetheart (2008)

Memorial Day- picnic with young adult group from church

2016-05-30 13.10.46
Prayer Wreath

Grey’s Anatomy, season 12
Scandal, season 5
House of Cards, season 4
The Family, season 1
Pretty Little Liars, season 6 (A)
Fuller House, season 1

2016-05-22 09.15.26-2

The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

How was your May (now that it’s almost July…)?