June Bugs


Last month was very busy, but things FINALLY began taking a positive turn last month. Keep reading to see what I mean:

My brother and sister-in-law visited from Georgia. I hadn’t seen them in over 5 months which was much too ling in my book. Plus, it was the first time that they got to meet my boyfriend (Facetime is nice, but not the same).

2017-06-01 13.26.08

2017-06-01 14.05.09

Took my dad to a concert for an early Father’s Day gift – A Hard Night’s Day (Beatles cover band)

Started crocheting again

Visited our family friend’s new baby – it had been YEARS since I held a newborn

2017-06-02 11.01.34-1

Celebrated our family friend’s (the Faulkners) 90th birthday. Bill lives in Minnesota with his wife and his health has been diminishing due to Alzheimer’s Disease in recent years. I make a point to see him and his beautiful family as often as possible


Started trying out BeachBody on Demand’s 7 day Shaun T workout. Even though I didn’t quite make it through (I’m not great at HIIT workouts), I enjoyed the other video options and was proud of myself for taking the initiative for working out at home.

Presented my Faith Share aka Life Story to my small women’s group – talk about emotionally draining…

Family Reunion in Iowa





Started my new job!!!

Celebration Dinner


New Girl, Season 6
Wonder Woman 


Food Freedom Forever​ by Melissa Hartwig
The Night Circus By Erin Morgenstern


What were the ups/downs of your June?!


June Bugs

Wow, I’m actually posting my monthly review on time (before the 15th of the month…)! I’ve been getting better at managing my time. Making lists with realistic goals that won’t overwhelm me – breaking things up – has helped. I’m focusing on talking my ownership of my life. The past few months I’ve often felt sorry for myself and feel like I “waste time” moping. I don’t always feel 100% like being productive, but I know that once I cross tasks off my list I’ll feel 100% better. So here are some of the things I was up to in June:
Church officer (day) retreat
Attended a networking lunch & learn with my colleague
Visited family friends who came into town
2016-06-19 00.01.23
Shakespeare in the Park
 2016-06-19 16.30.14
Father’s Day
2016-06-19 20.57.32
First Day of Summer
2016-06-29 15.47.08
I was asked to be a bridesmaid’s for my brother’s wedding
2016-06-20 21.20.19-2
My brother and fiance visited from Georgia
– Ranger’s game, lunch with friends, & their wedding shower
2016-06-21 20.12.38
2016-06-23 19.13.39
2016-06-23 19.15.25
The Happy Couple

2016-06-23 19.15.37

2016-06-23 21.05.43
Dallas Farmers Market trip with my dad
2016-06-26 18.36.04
Pretty Little Liars, season 6 & 7
Veronica Mars, season 1
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
What have you been up to this summer?