Day twenty five:

Well, the final day of this challenge is here with the all important question:

How do you want to be remembered in life?

A positive influencer

I want to inspire others, particularly women to be strong both mentally and physically.

Not to settle for anything or anyone. Ever!

I want to be seen as a holy person, a role model for people younger and older than me.

To encourage others not to give up or quit when times get tough.

When times do inevitable get tough, people will think of me and say to themselves, “because she did it, I can do it!” and they will stay motivated.


Can you relate to any of these things?

Onwards & Upwards…


Day eleven: regrets

If life stopped today, what would you regret not doing?

Wow, these questions just keep getting deeper and deeper! In short, I regret not being more assertive. I regret not saying “no.” For not standing up for myself in potentially harmful situations because I was worried what others would think of me. My self-esteem has always been pretty low and at times has inhibited me from reaching my full potential (professionally, socially, spiritually, etc.).

I do believe that self-esteem and assertiveness go hand-in-hand. As I become more aware of instances where I did NOT have the confidence, leading me to make poor choices, I feel like I have to “fight” harder not to slip into my old ways. As much work as it is, look forward to becoming more assertive and hopefully having less regrets.

And sometimes, just sometimes, I regret not going to grad school right after I received my undergraduate degree.



What do you regret NOT doing? 

Onwards & Upwards…

Day “seven”: habits

What habit would you most like to break? What habit would you most like to start?

Today’s questions are much easier to answer! They are things that I’ll start to get better, but then fall off the wagon…

  • Break: late night eating (mainly curbing my sweet tooth)
  • Start: daily yoga and reading a daily devotional


What habits do you want to break and start?

Onwards & Upwards…

Day “six”: relax

I somehow managed to mess up the question order of this personal growth exercise – oops! I’ll get back on track ASAP…

How do you like to relax?

I have always found it challenging to relax. I constantly feel like I should be productive. I don’t do well with downtime. For me, doing something “relaxing” and practicing “self-care” often start with the best of intentions. However, I usually end up multitasking and become more stressed out than I was before I began. When I finally give in (with a lot of effort on my part) to “single-tasking”, a few of my favorite ways that I take it easy are:

  • Crocheting while watching one of my favorite TV shows or movies. It can become stressful to try to concentrate on a something that I haven’t seen before while also focusing on a project. I am much more relaxed while having background noise and visuals of something familiar on.
  • Reading a good book
  • Writing – anything: lists, random thoughts, doodles
  • Smelling a fragrant candle and watching the flame flicker
  • Going on a walk or yoga/stretching


I’m sure I can list 10 more things, but I’d say those are my main stress outlets!

I would love to hear your go-to relaxation methods!

Onwards & Upwards…


Oh, another opportunity (review older posts) to make me realize how “privileged” I am. I guess I should consider it a good thing that I’m having a harder time coming up with things that I feel entitled too/what I think I deserve, right? This certainly has been a humbling experience.

  • People being available when I need them
  • Being entertained by others (people, TV/movies, etc.) instead of being “bored”
  • Praise for a job well done
  • People approaching me instead of me approaching them
  • Events I want to attend being closer or more easily accessible 
  • Medicine that I take being effective immediately
  • Automatically feeling better after talking about something that bothers me (with a counselor or family/friend)
  • Not having to wait in line at stores
  • Not having to pay full price – waiting for something to go on sale or use a coupon
  • Not having to move to accommodate people who arrive early (church, concert, etc.)
  • Having to clean up other people’s messes. Both literally and physically
  • Minimal temptations
  • The ability to resist all temptations that I face
  • Not having to atone for my sins (reconciliation)
  • The ability to understand Scripture and tune-in to Mass easily
  • Meditation to come natural
  • Siblings who aren’t “ahead of me” in life – marriage, job, education (since I’m the eldest)
  • Parents who care about me, but don’t pry and give me my space
  • To be well known, liked, and admired
  • To be considered smart and educated
  • To be more outgoing and social
  • For people to offer me jobs instead of my applying to 30+ and not hearing back
  • “Acing” every problem or scenario that comes my way
  • Having a job I love
  • Not having to stress over finances

Think about it. What are some things that you feel you deserve to?