Here are a few of my short and long-term goals:

  • Pay off Car
  • Eliminate diet sodas/artificial sweeteners
  • Stop eating before 10 pm
  • Make yoga more of a part of my life – practice a minimum 3 times a week until it becomes a daily habit
  • Make and drink more “green smoothies”
  • Be more eco-conscious: eliminate waste (plastic bags, paper products), carpool, etc.
  • Complete (3) 5K races (compared to 2 last year)
  • Get a tattoo
  • Blog regularly (3-4 times a week) and develop a following
  • Have a more profitable Etsy business
  • Move out of my parents house
  • Get a raise or find a new job
  • Find an organization where I can become a regular volunteer (monthly)
  • Travel the world!
  • Marry the love of my life
  • Raise a family

Check back regularly for updates!