My friends and I walked all the way around White Rock Lake for the first time ever (approximately 11 miles total)! Cue exhaustion and a super-bad sunburn…

2016-07-02 10.05.43

2016-07-02 10.57.29

2016-07-02 2

4th of July fireworks show

DPD shootings in downtown Dallas…

Saw 42nd Street at the Dallas Summer Musicals and LOVED it!

Spent the night at my friends house, making more time for friends overall

2016-07-09 22.00.27

Started “dating” again (again)

Dyed my hair

Young professional networking events

Lost my little betta, Monet

My 27th Birthday



Veronica Mars, Season 2 & 3

Pretty Little Liars, Season 7

Beauty and the Beast

This is 40

The Secret Life of Pets




Outlander  by Diana Gabaldon

The Portable Veblan by  Elizabeth Mckenzie

What were you up to in July?


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