A Privileged Person

My final 25/100 things that I feel entitled to. What an eye opening experience it has been! I encourage people to try this exercise. It doesn’t have to be as long of a list (which is why I broke mine down into 4 sections). I honestly didn’t think that I’d be able to come up with 100 things, but as the weeks went on I encountered different scenarios (work, relationships, etc.) where I became more aware of my thought process. Awareness. Such an important thing. Once we become aware of something the key then becomes how we manage ourselves (thoughts, actions, and words). It is harder to “ignore” negativeness, we are given more responsibility to retrain our thinking patterns, challenging our conceptions.

I feel “entitled” to:

Being immune to bad news

Having will power against treats/food brought in from people in the office or at other functions

Being able to resist eating when I’m bored

Always being motivated to exercise

Not having to focus on my diet and exercise so much to maintain my body

My appointments run on time

Not having to worry about library due dates and/or being able to renew books that I haven’t finished

Items that I want being in stock

Not having to pay for shipping when ordering online

People that I want to see showing up to the same events that I do

Other people initiating conversations/time to hang out

Other people being free/available when I am

To feel welcome where ever I go

Not having to “kill” time in between work and evening activities

Not feeling bored/uninterested

TV shows and movies on when I want them to be

Not having to recharge my electronic devices as often

Projects going wright the first (or first few) times that I try them

Not be dragged and bogged down by other people’s drama

To have a better job, relationship, spiritual life just because I put in the effort

People agreeing with my decisions

Not having to “report” in to my mom my whereabouts just because I moved back home

Not feeling jealousy, envy, and greed

Not over analyzing/overthinking everything

Not having to pay for mental health care


Have you tried this exercise? If so, what were some of the things you learned about yourself? Did you notice any patterns or anything that altered your way of thinking? I’d love to hear your feedback!


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