Oh, another opportunity (review older posts) to make me realize how “privileged” I am. I guess I should consider it a good thing that I’m having a harder time coming up with things that I feel entitled too/what I think I deserve, right? This certainly has been a humbling experience.

  • People being available when I need them
  • Being entertained by others (people, TV/movies, etc.) instead of being “bored”
  • Praise for a job well done
  • People approaching me instead of me approaching them
  • Events I want to attend being closer or more easily accessible 
  • Medicine that I take being effective immediately
  • Automatically feeling better after talking about something that bothers me (with a counselor or family/friend)
  • Not having to wait in line at stores
  • Not having to pay full price – waiting for something to go on sale or use a coupon
  • Not having to move to accommodate people who arrive early (church, concert, etc.)
  • Having to clean up other people’s messes. Both literally and physically
  • Minimal temptations
  • The ability to resist all temptations that I face
  • Not having to atone for my sins (reconciliation)
  • The ability to understand Scripture and tune-in to Mass easily
  • Meditation to come natural
  • Siblings who aren’t “ahead of me” in life – marriage, job, education (since I’m the eldest)
  • Parents who care about me, but don’t pry and give me my space
  • To be well known, liked, and admired
  • To be considered smart and educated
  • To be more outgoing and social
  • For people to offer me jobs instead of my applying to 30+ and not hearing back
  • “Acing” every problem or scenario that comes my way
  • Having a job I love
  • Not having to stress over finances

Think about it. What are some things that you feel you deserve to?


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