Two Entitled


Last week was eye-opening. Actually putting my thoughts into writing makes me sound/feel stuck-up and well, entitled. I’ve also noticed a pattern with what I am listing. They are things that I WANT. Here are 25 more things that I feel entitled to:

  • Free parking
  • Healthy groceries that are cheaper than junk food
  • Good weather on holidays/time off
  • Eating whatever I want without having to exercise or gain weight
  • Automatically feeling connected to God when I pray
  • Having all my prayers answered (how I want them to be answered)
  • Feeling better after going to the sacrament of reconciliation
  • Hearing back from jobs that I applied to
  • Getting jobs that I interview for
  • Work to be easy and not “take it home with me”
  • A raise for working hard
  • Recognition for my efforts and achievements
  • Respect
  • People to understand me/what I’m thinking without having to explain myself
  • People not to questions whom I date or do not date
  • People not being available when I need them
  • Not having to sit in traffic
  • Friends who initiate plans instead of me doing so
  • People who listen to me and respond with helpful advice rather than always talking about themselves and their problems
  • Restaurants/stores having what I want in stock when I need it
  • Appliances not breaking
  • Not having to apologize
  • Laundry that doesn’t wrinkle
  • My car not needing an oil change
  • Privacy

Try this exercise for yourself. What are some things that you feel “entitled” to?

Entitlement: What Do You Think You Deserve?


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