The Best First Date

The other night I guess you could say that I went on a first date. I had dinner with a guy I’ve known for over a year through the young adult group at church. I was a bit reluctant to go. I’m still in the process of getting over my ex (fiance), a three year relationship. I figured that I need to put myself out there, to meet potentially better guys, so I can move forward with my life and stop wallowing in the past.

The night went well. Good conversation, as I had assumed it would be. I went in with low expectations, not that I didn’t care, but in the past setting my expectations too high has left me with disappointed. It was not THE best date. 

The best first date I had was with my ex-fiancé. I was head over heels, I even texted my mom and brother afterwards because I was so excited – this was very uncharacteristic of me. I had always preferred to play it safe and keep things to myself until I was more sure of where things were going. But somehow with him, I just “knew” things were different. 

Now it know it’s not fair to compare. These guys are almost opposite of each other in many ways. Plus things are still relatively fresh with my ex. 

I guess that I was hoping that if I had an amazing time with someone else it would reassure me that things with my ex are 100% over and there was hope for a new relationship down the road. 

I do want to be fair and give this other guy chance. Go out a few more times. It’s just hard because I don’t want to lead him on either. 

I really need to “date myself,” but once I get home I’m so unmotivated to leave and nothing sounds enticing. 

Time will tell. Until it does, I’ll just have to be as patient as I can be…

What piece of dating advice has been most helpful to you?!

Also, TGIF! Any plans for Valetine’s weekend? 


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