Thankful Thursdays: Thanksgiving Edition (continued):

Give Thanks

20. Crisp fall air
21. Finding a community of young adults who share similar faith and fundamental beliefs as I do
22. Shelter from storms both literally and figuratively – God (mental/spiritual strength) and a house, warm clothes and boots, umbrellas, etc. (physical)
23. Rain in times of drought to nourish the Earth & less precipitation when the ground is over saturated
24. Anti-anxiety medication for when I’ve “exhausted all of my calming techniques” and still can’t calm myself down
25. Hole-in-the-wall shops and restaurants (small & family-owned businesses)
26. The Sacrament of Reconciliation
27. My overall good health and well being and that of my friends’ and family members’
28. Having extra spending money at the end of the month
29. Celebrating my dad’s birthday (on Nov. 29th)
30. Things to look forward to in the future – my brother visiting in December, growing stronger relationships, taking much needed time off work over the holidays

What blessings are you particularly thankful for this Thanksgiving Day?


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