Thankful Thursdays


 – 19 things for the 19th day of November:
  1. Having a loving family both near and far
  2. A stable source of income
  3. My “work family”
  4. Pets – Boomer, Bird, and my newest addition Monet the Betta
  5. Technology (as long as it doesn’t monopolize real “face time”)
  6. Access to nutritious foods
  7. Friends I can be my goofy self with
  8. Being able to move back in with my parents (rent-free)
  9. Music that I connect with emotionally – in happy and sometime sad times
  10. The colors of sunrise and sunset
  11. Air conditioning (and heat for the winter)
  12. A reliable car
  13. My talents – organization, planning, creativity, good listener
  14. Clean water
  15. Having access to and utilizing public transportation
  16. Being able to stay on my parents’ healthcare after I turned 26
  17. Books and having the ability to read them
  18. Yoga
  19. No college debt

What are you especially thankful for?


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